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Can mdma kill you?

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  5. Can mdma kill you?
Asked: 2018-06-20 06:20:28
If you or someone you know is overdosing on MDMA is there a way to stop it from killing you or the other person and what are the signs to know if you are overdosing or just flippingg out?


Answered: 2018-06-21 14:54:36

Preventing people from using drugs like MDMA is the safer and smarter route, however if anyone is overdosing or you think they are overdosing go to the ER, ASAP!


Answered: 2018-06-21 19:18:38

When i started out taking ecstasy or Mdma if you prefer, i would take the pills by the handful. I got myself admitted to a local hospital due to the inability to use my motorfunctions and issues with my respiratory system. I could have died so im going to tell you that yes mdma can kill you and when bought from a stranger you never know what is actually in the pill or pills that you are taking.

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