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Can Vicodin cause anxiety?

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  5. Can Vicodin cause anxiety?
Asked: 2018-05-20 23:44:05
Taking vicodin regularly for the most part. At first it was fine and I had zero problems with anxiety but this has changed and im anxious all the time.


Answered: 2018-05-21 03:33:56

Medications of all classes are apt to have displeasing side effects. In fact because vicodin is not a medication purely for lessening anxiety, anxiety could definitely occur when taking it.


Answered: 2018-05-21 02:42:06

Because I believe this will be a helpful to you I have to ask. Are you taking it with out a necessary reason and a prescription? If you are you could have feelings of doing something wrong and having to hide. Feeling like you have to be secretive can be a major cause of anxiety. It may not seem like it is but i hope you trust me on this because it is. There is support and treatment available if you need it.

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