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How do I know if my boyfriend is an alcoholic?

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  5. How do I know if my boyfriend is an alcoholic?

Asked: 2018-10-18 18:43:41



Answered: 2018-10-19 00:12:40

Daily drinking doesn’t necessarily indicate alcoholism, but when the drinking starts to interfere with relationships or other parts of the person’s life it can indicate a problem. It’s important to speak to him about your feelings and to let him know that you think that his drinking is starting to have a negative effect on you.


Answered: 2018-10-20 12:51:01

Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain, and he’s the only one that can get the help he needs to stop drinking if he is an alcoholic. If he’s willing and able to stop drinking fairly easily, then it could just be a matter of poor communication. If he becomes upset or defensive of his drinking, then it’s possible that he has a problem

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