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Should I tell my mom my brother is stealing her pills?

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  5. Should I tell my mom my brother is stealing her pills?
Asked: 2018-11-19 17:50:12
My mom told me that I should keep my brother honest, I just caught my brother stealing my mom's pill. He asked me not to tell or I would be a snitch and he won't play with me. Will he die if I don't tell mom?


Answered: 2018-11-19 18:37:48

Hi Mandy. It sounds like your brother is struggling with addiction which means his head isn't straight. Addiction is a bona fide mental health condition and one of the best ways to help him is to keep him honest. Tell your mom. It may cause a superficial and temporary disruption in your home or relationship, but in the long run, he'll thank you for it. You could be saving his life. Support him in sobriety by keeping him honest.


Answered: 2018-11-21 21:46:48

Sounds like a tough spot to be in. Look at it this way - your brothers stealing is unhealthy behavior and if you want him to be healthy and okay its important, to be honest with your mom.

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