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Can you get Addicted to Motrin?

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  5. Can you get Addicted to Motrin?
Asked: 2018-12-17 06:41:17
I've started taking Motrin to deal with headaches, and I'm worried I could get addicted to them. Am I in danger with Ibuprofen?


Answered: 2018-12-17 22:08:51

Nope! Not really. It's not habit-forming and it has no addictive properties. It actually affects the physical body, not the psychological aspects of it. Just make sure you take it as directed. It has other side effects that you should discuss with your doctor if you need something that the over the counter strength doesn't accomplish.


Answered: 2018-12-26 18:33:41

I know you're asking about Motrin but I have this story that's kind of a cautionary tale. My mom thought she was addicted to Excedrin. She didn't use it to help headaches, she used it to avoid headaches. If she didn't take it regularly, she'd be in bad shape. We found out that it wasn't the Excedrin, it was the caffeine that was in it. So if you're worried that ibuprofen is creating a habit, just double check the ingredients in it and make sure you're not addicted to something else that may be in the medication.

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