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How addictive is cocaine?

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  5. How addictive is cocaine?
Asked: 2018-02-04 14:49:06
The situation was unexpected and baffling. Basically, I caught my son with cocaine in his pocket, I asked him where he got it and how long he has been doing it and im sure his awnsers were lies. How addictive is cocaine and how do I put an end to this.


Answered: 2018-02-05 13:29:11

At a young age, I walked in my kids room and found her doing a line of cocaine with her friend. She struggled with cocaine addiction and other stuff for a while.


Answered: 2018-02-04 16:50:20

If your son is doing cocaine at 15 years old, his behavior indicates a high likeliness for further drug abuse and a heavy drug addiction. In my view, you need to do everything in your power to intervene and stop your sons drug use. Cocaine is beyond addictive and is just the first step to a deadly gruesome drug addiction.

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