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What does alcohol withdrawal feel like?

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  5. What does alcohol withdrawal feel like?
Asked: 2018-03-15 01:27:45
My girlfriend has a serious drinking problem. Anytime she goes more than a day without a drink, she feels ill and can hardly get out of bed. Is that what withdrawal is meant to be like?


Answered: 2018-03-16 04:17:36

Yes, your girlfriend is suffering the withdrawal effects from her alcohol dependence. If she feels sick and withdrawn when she’s not drinking, she may need professional medical help to work through her dependence.


Answered: 2018-03-16 04:25:46

If your girlfriend feels sick to her stomach, depressed, anxious and uncomfortable when she goes more than a day without drinking, her body is going through withdrawals and she needs to get help. Please try and support her during this time and urge her to get help.

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