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What is an Intervention specialist?

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  5. What is an Intervention specialist?

Asked: 2018-02-05 00:46:18



Answered: 2018-02-23 03:01:02

Id be more curious about an intervention specialist salary. If its just a certification program, then they probably dont make any more than someone flipping burgers. Its so scary how people can just print off a certificate and give themselves the title nowadays. How can someone help me with addiction if they havent gone to college?


Answered: 2018-03-06 19:43:36

Okay, and intervention specialist is someone that kind of leads your intervention group. They help you get organized and figure out exactly how to talk to the person youre trying to confront. They can also stop you from screwing up the entire process and sending that person off the deep end.


Answered: 2018-02-05 21:08:04

An intervention specialist, is a mental health professional that specializes in planning and executing interventions.


Answered: 2018-02-05 13:27:27

That is the person who has experience doing interventions and helps you and the addicted through the whole process.

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