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What helps heroin withdrawal?

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  5. What helps heroin withdrawal?
Asked: 2018-05-21 09:29:37
How can I stop doing heroin without going through the withdrawal symptoms?


Answered: 2018-05-21 18:47:21

If you've been using a drug or a substance for a period of time, then any time you stop you may experience withdrawal symptoms. If you are worried about side effects, inpatient rehabilitation centers do have programs to help with withdrawal, including medical staff and techniques to reduce discomfort.


Answered: 2018-05-22 01:58:11

There are certain home remedies that are available for those who aren't interested in withdrawing at a medical facility. Some side effects of heroin withdrawal are nausea, diarrhea, depression, and body pain. Loperamide is an over the counter medication that helps with diarrhea who's effects are compatible with heroin. Ginger alleviates both nausea and physical pain.

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