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When do suboxone withdrawals start?

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  5. When do suboxone withdrawals start?
Asked: 2018-05-26 06:56:15
I’m quitting suboxone, so give me the facts. When am I going to start feeling withdrawal?


Answered: 2018-05-27 02:06:53

Around 12 hours in it usually hits – that’s the sweats, runny nose and muscle pains. Around a day later, you’ll feel nausea and maybe diarrhea. If you’ve used it to come off heroin, it’s like that but not as bad.


Answered: 2018-05-27 07:20:43

You might start feeling the cravings a few hours in, but usually by the end of the day you’ll start feeling anxious, teary and achy. About a day later, it gets worse and you’ll be sick for a few days.

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