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How is the tension with the Men the past FEW months there?

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  5. How is the tension with the Men the past FEW months there?
Asked: 2020-03-08 15:51:36
I. Was. Sexually. Assaulted. But since im such a failure at life. My Dad used his last money. to help me, i can say i am 21 days clean today tho! I GOT MINE IN BLOOD this time friends, it aint comming off. I dosed a ton of LSD, before going in, so I DO NOT blame the staff i guess? I just am about to be homeless and was Violated man, by another man, almost killed, like, the case was IN YOUR HANDS, why do me like this, im Italian, I dont even talk, Personnally I just want His. F*cking. Name. oh Wait his Lawyer Fathers house is 5 mins driving distance from the place, now im hearin to much. I trusted Dr Sobhaan for years this was the BEST PLACE, now its the Only one offering subs locally so u get the "riche as hell crowd" who are reallly sick in there brain, mentally, perverts. The Free places are better minus non stop fist fights but thts a normal thing, id take a fist fit facility over a rape facility. Im not asking for anything im not gaining anything by making this post, fellow brothers in recovery, just rememeber, You Were Forwarned :'(

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