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How do you get someone committed to rehab?

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  5. How do you get someone committed to rehab?
Asked: 2018-08-12 09:27:49
The roomate has an utter lack of respect for privacy, other peoples personal belongings, you name it. The chick needs to get help how do I get her in rehab?


Answered: 2018-08-24 13:20:32

If youre asking how to force someone in to rehab, then youre asking the wrong questions. You need to be trying to figure out how to motivate them to want to go to rehab. People cant get better unless they genuinely want to improve their lives. I think last year, over 60,000 people died from overdoses. That should be enough to help you educate your family and your community about the dangers of drugs. I dont think theres a legal way to get somebody committed to rehab and less their direct danger to themselves or someone else. With that being said, you can stage an intervention to help convince them.


Answered: 2018-08-13 11:20:03

I don’t think rehab is the place for someone who is disrespectful. Rehab is for drug addicts


Answered: 2018-08-13 00:45:59

You need to talk to your roommate about therapy for her bad behaivor, sometimes just bringing it to his/her attention is a step in the right direction.


Answered: 2018-08-22 23:53:11

I dont think youre going to have any success if you try to force somebody to go to rehab. A person can only be committed to a mental health facility if theyre threatening to kill themselves or hurt somebody else. You cant make them stop using drugs, they have to actually want to. I mean, you can make them get sober, but you cant make them stop forever.


Answered: 2018-08-27 06:01:42

There are times when you may end up with a court-ordered rehab program. This isnt always the best option when people dont really want to stop using drugs. The only time Ive ever seen a court-ordered rehab work is when the person really doesnt know how bad their problem is and theyre willing to learn.


Answered: 2018-11-02 17:05:50

Drug and alcohol rehab is for people who have a chemical dependency. I would suggest talking to your roommate and trying to address these head on. If the behavior continues then look into other options for living. If your roommate is using drugs and alcohol and needs rehab you cannot commit someone to rehab unless they are under the age of 18.

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