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Can you die from marijuana?

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  5. Can you die from marijuana?
Asked: 2017-12-11 10:06:29
I think that it is time for me to try marijuana for the first time but first I have a few questions. Well really only one question with that being Can you die from Marijuana? like on the real dont make fun of me. I don't want to die!


Answered: 2017-12-23 02:18:02

There was a lot of noise made a few years ago about the first death from pot, and it was an edible overdose death that tragically concerned a young child. It pays to keep edibles out of the way of children, but theres information out there so that you can take more care and keep your yummy treats to yourself.


Answered: 2017-12-26 21:53:49

If youre a fully-grown, functional adult, then youre not going to die from marijuana use. However, accidents that happen when people are high are on the increase. In the UK, 18% of people who died in an accident were found to have traces of drugs, including cannabis, in their bloodstream. In certain US states, the figure is higher, particularly since it has been legalized. But ingesting marijuana itself is unlikely to kill you.


Answered: 2017-12-12 03:53:54

Anything can kill you if you do it the right way. Perhaps you are allergic and it closes up your airways causing you do die from suffocation or perhaps you get behind the wheel of a car while stoned and crash into something. Just be safe in everything you do and know that there are always going to be risks!


Answered: 2018-01-05 15:00:17

There was a study performed on monkeys and it was found that you would have to ingest an awful lot over years and years and years, and still wouldnt die. However, complications can arise from marijuana use, such as psychosis and lung problems from smoking it. If you are a chronic user, and you may experience abdominal pain and begin throwing up or have bouts of nausea. This is called cannabinoid hyperemesis and can usually be soothed by rehydration and hot baths. You may need to undergo cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome treatment at Anchor Text a local facility if youve decided to knock your cannabis usage on the head, but it wont be life threatening at any point.


Answered: 2017-12-12 16:43:08

Lolz no sir you can not die from Mary J unless you get like lung cancer or something from it which causes you to die but that's also a fat chance.


Answered: 2018-01-07 10:38:09

Maybe if you injected it or something, but no, as far as I know theres no adult on record who actually died as a direct result of marijuana. I think there was a case of a 3 year old who ate edibles getting pretty ill, but I still dont think they died from it.


Answered: 2017-12-25 03:19:40

Ive heard of people overdosing on dabs. What are dabs, you might ask? This is a concentrated form of cannabis, so one dab might be the equivalent of a few joints. Pretty strong stuff. You can definitely pass out from it and if you lose consciousness for too long, youre going to have some complications.

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