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Can you overdose from smoking crack

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  5. Can you overdose from smoking crack
Asked: 2018-08-10 07:20:56
Pretty positive my mom took up smoking crack shortly after her and my father got a divorce. Im grown and dont live with them anymore and Im unable to keep tabs on her around the clock. There is no question to if she is doing crack or not because i know that she is 100% sure but do I need to plan for the possibility of an overdose?


Answered: 2018-08-11 15:38:59

Overdosing on crack by means of smoking it to get high is unfortunately common.


Answered: 2018-08-10 17:35:54

In recent years the statistics revolving around smoking crack had stats of ER visits. I guess over 2 million ER visits were dedicated to individuals having a health crisis because of smoking crack. Scary huh?

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