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What are the symptoms of detoxing from alcohol?

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  5. What are the symptoms of detoxing from alcohol?
Asked: 2018-06-18 20:18:33
My Wife and I decided to give up all alcohol for lent. After about 24-hours without alcohol, she has started to shake uncontrollably every now and then. Is this normal when someone detoxes from alcohol or is something wrong?


Answered: 2018-06-19 19:50:28

Nothing is wrong with your wife. Her body is detoxing and has gotten so used to the constant supply of alcohol that is doesn’t know what to do without it. On top of the shaking, she will more than likely have a pounding headache and start vomiting eventually as he withdrawals from the alcohol.


Answered: 2018-06-18 23:50:21

When your body gets used to a constant supply of alcohol, it will start to crave it. When your body isn’t given the alcohol, you may start shaking, becoming very nauseous, develop a bad headache, and be very easily agitated. The shaking that your husband is experiencing is simply his body detoxing from the alcohol.

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