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Why do heroin addicts throw up?

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  5. Why do heroin addicts throw up?
Asked: 2017-12-04 14:23:10
My ex wife was obsessed with being thin—like to the point of taking speed, and later heroin to try and lose more weight. She would always puke after taking heroin. At first I thought she was bulimic, but someone told me that this was normal. I still wonder about it. Do heroin addicts vomit a lot?


Answered: 2017-12-05 02:53:16

That’s really individual to the addict. A lot of people throw up when they take opioids, it’s not just heroin. It can be a shock to your system, or it can just upset your stomach. Yes, it is normal for heroin addicts to throw up after they shoot up. It can also happen after they ingest the drug and it starts to kick in. It’s just how their body physically response to it, and it can have to do with equilibrium as well.


Answered: 2017-12-06 11:04:50

Sometimes it can happen if you don’t eat and you take opioids. If she was that worried about her weight, then she probably wasn’t eating right and had an eating disorder. If she had a lot of stomach acid and then took heroin on top of it, it can lead to vomiting. It also happens if she shoots up and the effects hit all at once.

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