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How do I help an alcoholic?

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  5. How do I help an alcoholic?
Asked: 2018-05-10 20:51:27
My dad get off of work every day at 5 pm and never gets home until 8 or 9. Whenever he gets here he smells like booze and stumbles into the house. I'm afraid my dad might be an alcoholic... how do I help him?


Answered: 2018-05-10 23:20:00

Usually with alcoholics it takes until the consequences being experienced get great enough before they even consider stopping. Maybe you should get your family together and brainstorm then do a intervention.


Answered: 2018-05-11 07:17:50

I'd have to say that best way to help your dad with his alcohol problem is to let him know you know it is going on and that you are worried and afraid for him.

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