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Why is my daughter acting so erratic?

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  5. Why is my daughter acting so erratic?

Asked: 2018-11-05 20:08:25



Answered: 2018-11-07 16:49:36

Hi Concerned Mom, To be honest, it sounds like your daughter is using some type of stimulant. You would do good to drug test her. If she gets defensive about the drug test, that's a pretty good indicator right there. Your best bet is to not get angry or act like she needs to be punished. Show genuine love, compassion, and concern for her. If she is positive, immediately start looking for treatment options. Do not let your daughter manipulate you and tell you that she doesn't have a problem. If she is using - then it's obvious that its's out of control. Also, reach out to her teachers and ask if they have noticed any changes in her. Keep in mind also that *SOME* mental illnesses have these symptoms, namily the mania that comes along with bipolar disorder. Know that you are not alone and your daughter should be fine IF you intervene now. Don't wait until it progresses, because it will progress.

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