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The Associated Press has reported a drastic rise in Opioid-related deaths throughout areas like Wichita, KS. To answer to this problem, new funds have been allocated to improve treatment facilities throughout the state. This includes more inpatient programs with specialized facilities dedicated to the dangerous detox from Opioids. Someone suffering from addiction with a co-occurring disorder requires a very dedicated type of treatment program, and it’s imperative to receive help as quickly as possible. A family led intervention can motivate someone into treatment—but only a personal recognition of the problem can make treatment successful.

Kansas Rehab Options

Kansas has started to develop more inpatient rehab facilities dedicated to residential programs designed around those who need to structure their lives away from drugs and alcohol. Inpatient facilities provide around-the-clock care and a huge variety of intensive therapies. These usually last 90-days and can include the resources for medical detox. Outpatient facilities are a better option for those who can’t take time away from work or family schedules. These facilities allow patients to attend treatment during the day and are released after the allocated therapy. Outpatient treatment is more suited to those who can abstain from using drugs and Alcohol without constant supervision.

Recovering from Addiction

Recovery is something that can only be achieved when someone truly wants to beat their addiction. Sobriety differs from recovery in the fact that recovery is an active choice that an individual suffering from addiction makes every single day. Sobriety is simply the lack of drugs and Alcohol within the physical body. There is life after addiction for those who are willing to understand the nature of their disease and their lack of control over it. Seeking help is the key to getting one’s life back.

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Preferred Family Healthcare Inc
Changing Habits LLC
A Clear Direction
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