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Detroit, Michigan, suffers from crime, drug abuse and addiction problems in every part of the city. When it comes to a recovery process from substance abuse, you will always want to invest in the right treatment. If you are seeking a recovery center in Detroit, MI, you may want to look at the reviews and ratings first. You can start your research by looking at our Detroit rehab centers listing for some information.

Detroit Recovery Centers; Addiction Treatment Programs

The city of Detroit offers rehab centers that cater for both low-cost and upscale. It depends completely on your preference. When it comes down to finding a substance abuse treatment program, it is up to you to decide on which one suits you.

Detoxification and Intervention Services in Detroit

Detox service comprises of three different stages. The first stage is called the evaluation. This is when the recovery center decides on how much substance is present in urine, breath, and blood. This is also when they will assess the mental health state of the individual. The second is called stabilization. This is the main part of the whole treatment; it begins by providing both psychological and medical services. The last stage is when the staff starts introducing further treatment to increase the chance of recovery after detox.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery Centers

Commonly known as co-occurring disorders nowadays, dual diagnosis describes the presence of more than one disorder. Most patients suffer from both drug or alcohol abuse as well as bipolar disorder. In Detroit, you can find integrated dual diagnosis treatment centers where a patient receives the combined treatment for substance abuse and mental illness. Professionals tend to recommend the integrated treatment for people with co-occurring disorders.
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