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Although a small village of around 2,000 people, L’Anse has two great treatment clinics where those who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse can get help. Just like other parts of Michigan, both prescription and non-prescription opioid abuse has affected the area greatly, and this crisis has resulted in the death rate quadrupling from drug poisoning since 1999. As heartbreaking as the figures are, there is hope available for those who want to get well and change their lives through rehabilitation.

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Translating from French as ‘the cove’, L’Anse is a beautiful village on the banks of Keweenaw Bay. The French set up a Jesuit mission and fur trading post in the area after they discovered it in the 17th century. Educating the community and making treatment more accessible is key to tackling the problem in this wonderful place.

Top Class Facilities for Recovery

If you are worried about a friend or family member, there are screening services available as well as self-help groups, group and individual therapy. Those who qualify for state mental health funding, or indeed other types of funding, can access both outpatient and inpatient services to begin getting the help they need for recovery. Along with accessing programs to help your physical and mental health, L’Anse also has a range of activities all year round that help you find a new hobby or focus that will support your recovery process.

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