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Minnesota may seem like a quiet and unassuming state, but multimillion-dollar drug busts over the last five years have proven it to be a major source of trafficking. Areas like Rochester, MN, have been dealing with the effects of a nationwide heroin and opioid epidemic. Overdose rates are on the rise, and people are looking for solutions to a growing problem. For many, the solutions can be found in the form of updated treatment centers and rehab facilities. These places are now better equipped to deal with the traumatic withdrawals that come with opioid detox, and the addiction that’s frequently co-occurring with other disorders.

Rochester Rehab Options

People struggling with prolonged drug use may require the help of an inpatient treatment facility. These programs provide residential services to addicts who have a difficult time maintaining sobriety when they are free to access drugs and alcohol. There are times when an intervention is necessary in order to motivate people towards treatment. Outpatient facilities are a better fit for those who have a better understanding of their addiction, and who are actively trying to seek sobriety and recovery while attending work or caring for a family. These programs allow the addicted individual to go home after treatment each day.

Long-term Success in Recovery

In order for someone to be successful in attaining sobriety and staying in recovery, they’ll need a strong support network. This can be comprised of both professional resources and friends and family members. An aftercare plan can be an excellent resource for those who need ongoing treatment. This provides access to continued counseling services as well as community programs based on recovery. Peer-to-peer counseling has also been proven extremely effective in treating addiction. This helps those suffering from the disease to connect with others who have been successful in their fight against addiction.
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