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Authorities in Raleigh, NC, have reported a spike in the number of overdose deaths in and around the city. This correlates with a rise in Opioid and prescription drug abuse seen in North Carolina and gives insight into an alarming trend throughout the country. Addiction with a co-occurring mental illness requires a more involved method of treatment. This is particularly true when dealing with withdrawal symptoms associated with Opioids. Withdrawals can be violent and life-threatening when not treated; choosing the right rehab option is imperative to an addicted individual’s ability to reach recovery.

North Carolina Addiction Treatment

An intervention orchestrated by loved ones can motivate people to seek treatment. In these instances, a residential inpatient facility might be the better option—this provides around-the-clock care for those suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms, or an inability to abstain from drugs and Alcohol on their own. Outpatient programs are more appropriate for those who understand their need for treatment, and who have actively sought it out by themselves. These programs are a bit more independent and allow the patient to go home at the end of each scheduled treatment day.

Figure out Your Aftercare Options

An aftercare plan can be essential in the successful recovery of many people suffering from addiction. These plans can be created using the help of a treatment facility prior to discharge. Aftercare often involves regular counseling combined with community programs and peer-to-peer support. Some people in recovery report that participating in community programs and helping to support others going through treatment gives them a sense of purpose. This can be the push that many people suffering from addiction need to avoid relapse and to continue in recovery during challenging times. There is life after addiction for those that truly want it.
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