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Teaneck is a township of Bergen County, New Jersey and a suburb of the New York metropolitan area. The population of Teaneck is 39,776 residents. According to a monitoring system, 1,256 people needed at least outpatient treatment in 2016. Many others needed another level of treatment. While there are some outpatient services available, there are no inpatient centers available in Teaneck.

Choosing Treatment

Once deciding to get treatment the many options can be overwhelming. Being assessed can help determine which type of treatment would be best for you or your loved one.

In cases of severe addiction, inpatient treatment is most likely the best way to go. This type of treatment center offers a safe, comfortable detox in a locked down setting. While this may be intimidating, it ensures a higher success rate and offers a break from distractions and triggers of the outside world.

Some may find inpatient treatment out of the question. Those with milder addictions and an inability to disrupt their daily life would benefit from receiving outpatient treatment in Teaneck, New Jersey. This type of treatment offers support and coping skills while the patient still lives and home and continues their normal routine.

Returning to the Real World

After completion of treatment, continuing to receive aftercare is important. Teaneck offers many options for counseling, therapy, community services and meetings that will help ensure success.
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