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In 2017, New Castle, PA, experienced one of the largest drug busts in their history—it turned up $23,000 along with a number of different illegal substances and shed light on a problem that’s quickly growing in the state of Pennsylvania. With its proximity to New York, Pennsylvania has become a drug trafficking hub. This has made it particularly susceptible to the Opioid epidemic and a higher rate of addiction than other areas. There are many people in the area struggling with addiction who can benefit from any number of treatment programs.

Treatment Options in New Castle

Inpatient facilities can provide residential services for those who suffer from severe detox symptoms or addiction co-occurring with other disorders. Most people stay in these facilities for a period of up to 90 days before leaving and participating in outpatient or community programs. If someone is particularly resistant to treatment, an intervention planned with the help of a trained professional can give them the motivation that is needed. Outpatient programs are more appropriate for those who have some measure of control over their drug and Alcohol use. These programs schedule therapeutic activities throughout the day and allow the freedom to go home afterward.

Aftercare Planning; After Treatment

Once a person has completed a treatment program, they’ll need to set up an aftercare plan. This is an ongoing support network consisting of therapeutic activities and locally centered programs. Many people will continue to suffer ongoing drug cravings and they must have support to avoid triggers that can lead to relapse. Maintaining sobriety is the most important thing, and each addicted individual will require an individualized treatment plan. This plan will change to accommodate them throughout every step of their recovery. This is why it’s imperative to connect with a professional when attempting to stop abusing drugs and Alcohol.
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