Antigo, WI

Choose from 2 Addiction Treatment Centers in Antigo, WI

With the help of specialists, you can set the path for recovery for your loved one. Start by knowing where you can get help. Then research about a variety of treatment programs available for different types of addiction. Then go ahead and research on facilities around Wisconsin that match your expectations.

Where can I find a rehab center in Antigo?

There are about 26 drug and alcohol treatment programs that serve Antigo’s population. Basically, help is at your doorstep. Commonly abused drugs in this area include meth, heroin, methadone, Lunesta, alcohol, marijuana, spice and fentanyl. With such substances readily available on the streets, cases of abuse and addiction cannot be avoided.

what treatment options are available?

Some of the addiction treatment programs available in the area include detoxification facilities, inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs, long term drug and alcohol rehab programs, temporary stay rehab facilities, intensive outpatient treatment and others.

You can also consider various treatment methods offered in the locality such as group therapy, family therapy, relapse prevention, brief intervention approach, matrix model, animal therapy, trauma therapy, anger management and others.

Visit or call any of these facilities in Antigo and talk to the specialists on what treatment program will work best for you.
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