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California has worked to install rehab services throughout many of their cities, and Long Beach, CA, is no exception. This is one city that’s been hit particularly hard by the Opioid crisis. There is a fairly steady rise in the number of Heroin users present within city limits. This has led to unsafe conditions and a definite need for a greater number of treatment facilities. The first step toward recovery is understanding that there’s a problem. Any person who uses illegal drugs or risks any portion of their life for drug use is more than likely suffering from an addiction. Addiction with a co-occurring mental illness can also lead to illegal drug use.

Different Treatment Methods

Inpatient facilities have a focus on residential treatment for those who suffer from active addiction or severe withdrawal symptoms. When a family led intervention is staged to confront the addicted individual, they will often transition directly into an inpatient facility. Outpatient facilities focus on delivering many of the same therapies, but without the need for residential care. These are often successful for people who are able to abstain using drugs and Alcohol without constant supervision or intervention. Set Up an Aftercare Plan  After a treatment program has been completed, the rehab facility may help to set up an aftercare plan. This is a plan that focuses on helping the addicted individual cope as they reacclimate into their daily lives. Aftercare can include things like regular therapy sessions and peer-to-peer counseling often offered by others suffering from addiction. These services are designed to help maintain recovery while facing the pressures and stresses that come with everyday life. Many communities offer meeting programs and a variety of different ways for those suffering from addiction to continue receiving help for their disease.

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