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Addiction has always been a problem for larger cities, and Los Angeles, CA, is no exception. California has been struggling for years to beat the huge influx of drugs that are constantly coming into the state. It seems as if they can’t do enough to keep up with the problem. This is led to many communities and peer-led programs geared toward more aggressive forms of addiction treatment. Larger cities may have more drugs, but they also have more resources to fight them. Struggling with a dependence on drugs and alcohol in Los Angeles doesn’t have to mean isolation and a lack of help.

Treatment Methods in Los Angeles

Outpatient rehab is an excellent program for those who can’t commit to a residential one. If you can abstain from drugs and alcohol without requiring around-the-clock supervision, then outpatient treatment can be just as effective. It still involves intense therapies and behavioral modification. Inpatient facilities provide residential programs for those who aren’t successful under other circumstances. They also provide around-the-clock care for those going through serious detox symptoms, or who need a family intervention to convince them of treatment. Inpatient programs may also be a better option for those suffering from addiction co-occurring with mental illness.

Seeking Help

The most important step in reaching recovery is the first one. This is the time when people realize that drugs and alcohol are negatively impacting their life, and they reach out for help. One of the best things about living in a larger city is the number of aftercare resources available to those who complete treatment. These can include ongoing therapies and community programs providing peer to peer counseling. Addiction is a disease lasts a lifetime and requires professional intervention to control. If someone truly wants to stop using drugs and alcohol, it’s possible with the right combination of help.

Facilities in Los Angeles, CA

CA Diversion Intervention Foundation
Adolescent Growth
Mela Counseling Services Center Inc
Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services (OYHFS)
Optimist Youth Homes and Family Services (OYHFS)/Outpatient LA
Enki Margarita Mendez
Roybal Family Mental Health Center
ALMA Family Services

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