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As of 2015, reports of methamphetamine abuse were on the rise on Colorado Springs, CO. Heroin and prescription drug abuse have slowly taken the lead, overwhelming treatment facilities throughout the state. This has created a large deficit between rehabs and the people that need them. Fortunately, government entities throughout the state are making an attempt to improve the accessibility of treatment programs. The most important step in receiving treatment is to recognize the presence of a problem. As soon as someone realizes that they’ve lost control of their drug and alcohol use, they need to seek help as quickly as possible.

Colorado Treatment Options

Outpatient treatment facilities focus on scheduling therapies that allow the patient to return home at the end of each day. For those suffering from active addiction with severe withdrawal symptoms during detox, an inpatient facility may be a better option. Inpatient programs offer residential services that can provide constant care for those suffering from addiction. These are the best programs for anyone who needs to completely restructure their life, or who requires a family-led intervention to seek treatment. Addiction with a co-occurring mental illness may also require an extended stay in a residential program. Choosing the right rehab is the first step on the long road to recovery.

The Need for Aftercare

After the intensive treatment period ends, it’s very important that an addict seek some kind of aftercare. Most rehab facilities can help to set up an aftercare plan following discharge. This often includes periodic therapy as well as community programs. The more active that one can stay in their treatment progress, the more likely they are to remain in recovery. It’s important that they seek help as quickly as possible if they experience relapse or period of strong drug cravings. The constant support is integral in the fight against addiction.
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