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In Connecticut, Heroin has quickly risen to the most abused drug in the entire state. Many people are battling addiction. It’s nearly impossible to overcome it on your own. Being able to get treatment for their addiction may be the only way to save you or your loved one’s life. Many people start off by abusing pain medications but quickly are not able to get the same satisfaction that they did in the beginning and then turn to street drugs.

The Physical Signs of Heroin Addiction

Someone who is battling a Heroin addiction will often lose weight very rapidly. Heroin causes people to become very sleepy and often the user does not feel hunger or forgets to eat altogether. Heroin can also cause people feel nauseated because their body is fighting to get it out of their body as quickly as possible. When on Heroin, people often pick their skin because the drug causes them to itch or feel as though their skin is moving.

The Psychological Signs of Drug Addiction

Drugs affect the body physically and psychologically. Someone who was once happy-go-lucky may start to be very aggressive and short-tempered. This often occurs when the body starts to crave the drug. Addiction can also cause people to feel paranoid. They often believe that people are out to get them. It is important for anyone around an addicted individual to be prepared for him or her to act out.

The Behavioral Signs of Drug Addiction

People in active addiction will start to behave differently. People can start to steal from their family and friends to support their habit. When these signs are noticed, it is important for families to stage an intervention as quickly as possible, so they can get their loved one help. The person will most likely need to go into inpatient treatment, so they can detox and deal with their addiction safely. Alcohol abuse and co-occurring disorders often take place with drug addiction. Interventions can help motivate the person to realize they are more than their addiction and they can overcome it tough hard work and dedication.
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