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Miami, FL, has always struggled with substance abuse, and the past five years have seen an increase in overdose-related deaths. Heroin and Opioids have made their debut after a long relationship with prescription drug abuse. Heroin and Opioids are particularly easy to get in Florida, creating a new need for rehabilitation facilities. Many previous facilities have been unable to cope with the violent withdrawal symptoms associated with detox. Recovery is possible with the help of trained addiction professionals.

Florida Treatment Facilities

Inpatient facilities are residential programs designed to provide around-the-clock care to those suffering from addiction. These provide a daily routine consisting of intensive therapies and educational resources. These programs usually last between 28 to 90-days and leave with the tools they need to abstain from using drugs and Alcohol. If someone is suffering from active addiction, they may require a family-led intervention to make them aware of the consequences of continued drug use. These circumstances often give way to a need for inpatient facilities. Outpatient treatment is better suited to those who have some degree of control over their addiction. These facilities allow patients to return home at the end of each scheduled day.

Asking for Help

Any use of illegal drugs is a red flag and can signal risky behaviors associated with addiction. Many addicted people exhibit erratic behavior and undergo serious personality changes as drugs become the dominant force in their life. Friends and family are often the first people to notice these changes and may need to plan an intervention in order to make the addicted individual aware of how their addiction is affecting those around them. The first step towards recovery is understanding that the problem exists—this is often difficult for people suffering from addiction, needing professional help to get to this point.

Facilities in Miami, FL

International Recovery Center
Comprehensive Psychiatric Center
Advocate Program
Advance Mental Health Clinic
Miami Dade Rehab Services Bureau
New Era Health Centers Inc
Angelus Well Being Services
Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

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