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4850 Northeast 2nd Avenue Miami Florida 33137
Substance Abuse Rehab Services Offered

Concept House Outpatient and Administration offers a variety of rehab services which are outlined below. We encourage you to contact this Miami, FL rehab to verify and get more detail on addiction treatment services which are offered in Miami.

  • General Miami substance abuse treatment
  • Miami halfway house and/or sober living
Rehab Program Details

Concept House offers the following addiction treatment programs in Miami.

  • Miami outpatient addiction rehab
Special Needs Supported

Concept House in Miami, FL caters addiction treatment programs to special groups:

  • Individuals inflicted by drug and/or alcohol addiction
  • Addicts with HIV/ADIS
  • Pregnant women seeking addiction treatment
  • Teens / adolescents seeking addiction treatment in Miami
Treatment Costs and Payment Options

Concept House costs and payment information.

  • Treatment costs: Payment assistance (Check with facility for details)
  • Rehab payment options: Self payment, Medicaid
Treatment Launguage Support

Treatment in Miami at Concept House Outpatient and Administration is available in the following language(s): English, ASL or other assistance for hearing impaired

DO NOT SEND YOUR ADOLESCENT to Concept House - they will leave much worse than when they enter

If your adolescent suffers from a mental health illness/drug dependency problem, DO NOT send them to Concept House. Concept House is a place where your child will go and feel like they are a burden, they are worthless, where they are left to figure their problems out on their own. Concept House does not like parents who are involved, who ask questions, who advocate for their children. When they realize that the parent/child are asking questions that will lead to Concept House staff doing actual work, they will blacklist your child. The therapist, [PRIVATE], is dangerous – she calls the girls names, she lies to the children, parents and the staff at Concept House, she divulges confidential information between residents. Weekly one-on-one therapy turn into 1 one-on-one every two to three weeks. The staff call the girls names, steal their snacks, treat the girls in a very demeaning manner. The building is infested with roaches and mice (rats). The food that is catered has been delivered/served with moldy bread. This is a 5-bed facility (one side for girls and one side for boys). On one given night, there was one girl Baker acted and 3 girls who ran away – ALL ON ONE NIGHT. Where is the security? When I questioned [PRIVATE] about the precautions put in place after my daughter ran away, she said there were no precautions put in place because if she or the other girls want to run away, they can go. When my daughter was claiming to be suicidal, they called me to pick her up and take her to the hospital. [PRIVATE] told me that neither she or [PRIVATE] Latham, the director, could call 911. I told [PRIVATE] I can call 911 on a complete stranger if they claimed to be suicidal. After realizing they were not going to call 911 for my daughter, I drove 40 minutes and found that both [PRIVATE] and [PRIVATE] left; how can staff and administration leave when there is a child claiming to want to kill themself? Especially after they had a young boy actually hang himself a couple of years ago. [PRIVATE] even told me that she had to get off the phone because she had dinner plans with her mother that night…protocols are not followed, rules change whenever [PRIVATE] and [PRIVATE] want to change them (i.e., no consistency), confidential information is disclosed by [PRIVATE] to the other girls, important paperwork is misplaced/lost (I personally gave [PRIVATE] hospital discharge paperwork for my daughter and she lost the papers). There is so much more to say that will be disclosed in a much larger forum. But please, whatever you do, DO NOT send your children to Concept House. They will come out much worse than when they enter.

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