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Fort Wayne, IN, has seen a rash of overdose deaths that the authorities and Health Department are scrambling to keep up with. Heroin has quickly started to replace methamphetamines as the drug of choice in rural Indiana. Many people are becoming addicted to prescription medications and turning to heroin and other opioids when these supplies dry up. This has created a huge deficit between people experiencing addiction and treatment facilities in the area. Many people are in need of specialized facilities that are prepared to deal with detox and disorders co-occurring with addiction. Many of the state’s mental health facilities have started to shut down, and it’s important that people suffering from addiction know where to turn when they decide that they need help. 

Choosing the Right Rehab

For those in the throes of active addiction, an intervention might be necessary to help them see how their use of drugs and alcohol are impacting their lives. These people usually benefit from inpatient facilities that provide residential services and intense therapy. Outpatient facilities are better suited to those who can control their drug use while retaining some of their freedom. These programs allow the patients to go home after treatment is completed for the day.

Taking the First Step

It can take a confrontation with family, legal difficulties, or simply a negative life event for many addicted people to realize that they need help. It’s very important that they seek out professional counsel when deciding what treatment options are best for them. Asking for help and knowing how to receive it are two very different things. Many people will need to admit that they have lost control over their use of drugs and alcohol before they are able to actively undergo treatment. Addiction is a disease that never completely let’s go. With the right help and a steadfast support network, a person suffering from addiction can live a happy and long life.

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