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The shocking rate of overdoses in Michigan has not escaped Mason. It can be difficult to get someone you love to choose rehab, but help is at hand. There are several excellent facilities in the state and one situated right in Mason itself. Whether a protected environment is required, or the addict relies on outpatient services, these can be catered for in the city.

Addiction Services in Mason, Michigan

There are strict rules that govern controlled and illegal substances in the state, and as a result of these opioid prescriptions have decreased by 25% since 2013, however, the death rate due to opioid misuse is around 6.5 people per 100,000. A thriving city in Ingham County, Mason was first incorporated as a village in 1865 but has grown since then and remains the county seat, ahead of the state capital of Lansing.

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It is vital that you approach your recovery in a way that works for you. You can choose to follow a 12-step program and you may wish to attend cognitive behavioural therapy to change your behaviors and help you focus on your recovery and working out the issues that underlie your substance abuse. Part of the key to preventing relapse is knowing your triggers and working to overcome them in a healthy manner.

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