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Vicksburg, MS, is only one of many cities within the state fighting to save the lives of those suffering from addiction. Mississippi has experienced an extreme rise in overdose deaths associated with the Heroin and Opioid epidemic. The office of the MS Attorney General has held several meetings in an effort to better educate communities on how to deal with the drug problem. In response to this, people are becoming better informed about the different types of treatment options available. Many families are coming together and using a combination of intervention techniques and therapies to start healing and to encourage their loved ones to seek help.

Types of Treatment Available

Inpatient programs provide residential services that can better respond to those who experience uncomfortable detox periods, or who have addiction co-occurring with other issues. These programs are extremely intense and can provide around-the-clock support while the individuals suffering from addict learns to live a life free of drugs and Alcohol. An outpatient program can provide many of the same therapeutic resources but does so on a schedule that allows the addict to go home at the end of each day. If an addict is truly determined to reach sobriety, then outpatient programs can work well for them.

Know When to Seek Help

Addiction is a disease that can have both psychological and physical implications. Each person may start using drugs or Alcohol for very different reasons and then end up chemically dependent on them. It’s as important to treat the reason for the addiction as it is to treat the addiction itself. This can involve a complex set of therapies that are customized for each person’s particular needs. No two people will take the same path to sobriety, and no one can get started unless they truly want to. Overcoming addiction is ultimately the responsibility of the addict themselves. With the help of a licensed treatment facility and support staff, they’ll have an excellent chance at living a better life.
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