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Nebraska is a state that’s known for its wide-open spaces, and beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, it’s also known for widespread abuse of prescription drugs and methamphetamines. Omaha, NE has been hit particularly hard with the epidemic of heroin and opioids plaguing the rest of the country. This has prompted a renewed effort to introduce rehab facilities capable of dealing with a difficult detox period and addiction with co-occurring alcoholism compounding the dangers of withdrawals. Choosing the right rehab can be the difference between life and death for those struggling with active addiction.

Treatment Options in Omaha

The two primary treatment options consist of inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient programs are better for those who require an intervention in order to seek treatment. These involve residential services providing around-the-clock care for addicts who need a higher degree of supervision. Outpatient facilities focus primarily on those who can control their use of drugs and alcohol when continuing on their daily routine. This type of treatment releases the addicts back to their home after they’ve completed their schedule therapies. Aftercare plans should be arranged by treatment facilities prior to the release of their patients. These can include community programs as well as ongoing therapies. Peer to peer counseling is also an excellent way for addicts to support one another.

When to Ask for Help

Addiction is a disease that requires professional intervention in order to adequately treat. It’s very important that anyone using drugs and alcohol on a regular basis evaluate their ability to control their habits. Any illegal drug use should be considered addictive behavior. If the use of drugs and alcohol poses a risk to a person’s livelihood or they’re going against the law in order to use them, then they more than likely have a problem. Mental health issues can contribute to use and should be evaluated by a professional.

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CHI Health Psychiatric Associates
Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition
Pediatric Psychology Department

Facilities in Omaha, NE

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