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The NY Department of Health has shown an increase in overdose deaths associated with Opioids. The Opioid epidemic has had a heavy impact on the state of New York, and cities like Buffalo are no exception. The rate of those suffering from chemical dependency has continued to grow as prescription drug abuse gives way to an entirely new set of challenges. Understanding the rehab options available to those suffering from addiction co-occurring with a mental illness is the first step for many who don’t know where else to turn. No one should have to face this disease alone when there are resources available.

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Inpatient facilities are used to provide residential services to those who have a difficult time with the detox and withdrawal symptoms. They provide a higher level of supervision and are commonly used after an intervention. These programs are extremely intense and provide a wide range of different therapies geared toward teaching an addicted individual how to live without using drugs and Alcohol. Outpatient programs give the patient more freedom. These provide a schedule that allows patients to continue going about their life as they undergo treatment for their addiction. They are also considerably cheaper than inpatient programs.

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Addiction is a disease that requires constant maintenance and continued education. Many treatment facilities will help develop an aftercare plan. This often consists of counseling services and ongoing therapies associated with a particular treatment plan. There are also community services available that have been proven highly successful in helping people to stay sober after treatment. Involving family and friends who are impacted by the addiction is also an excellent way to develop a stronger support network. Addiction can be overcome with the right mixture a professional and personal help.  

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