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Greensboro, N.C., has been a popular city for sophisticated drug trafficking operations—leading to several arrests over the last year. Unfortunately, these arrests have hardly made a dent in the influx of illegal substances into North Carolina communities. People are struggling to cope with the loss of loved ones to Opioid addiction, and to the widespread abuse of prescription drugs. Rehab facilities are expanding to include resources for those suffering from serious detox symptoms and addiction with a co-occurring mental illness. Understanding the options available is important to anyone considering treatment. Choosing the right facility can be the difference between life and death for those struggling with active addiction.

Treatment Options in Greensboro

There are times when an addicted individual may require an intervention to seek treatment. This usually involves a gathering of family and friends that let the addicted individual know the consequences of their drug and Alcohol abuse. After an intervention, the individual will usually need to proceed to inpatient treatment—this is a residential facility that provides a variety of different therapies geared toward teaching someone to live without their addiction. Outpatient facilities can be used as a stepping stone, or as a primary treatment program for those who can maintain their sobriety without constant supervision.

Choosing a life of Sobriety

Recovery is the process that every person suffering from addiction must go through to learn to choose sobriety every day. Addiction is a chronic disease and one that can flare up again at any time. It often involves physiological changes within the brain chemistry that will need to be monitored closely by professionals. An aftercare plan should be established prior to reintegrating the individual suffering from addiction into society. This will involve ongoing therapies as well as community programs that fortify their addiction education.

Facilities in Greensboro, NC

Blessed New Beginnings
Insight Program
Top Priority Care Services LLC
Greensboro Treatment Center
Alex Wilson Counseling Services
1st Choice Health Services LLC
Life Changes Counseling
Open Arms Treatment Center

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