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18697 Bagley Road Cleveland Ohio 44130 United States
Substance Abuse Rehab Services Offered

Getting the correct care from a addiction treatment program is vital to another of life-long sobriety which centre takes that very seriously. Together with their primary focus mixture of both Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Southwest General Health Ctr/Oakview has designed effective treatment programs which transforms the heaviest of addicts into sober and productive citizens.

Addiction Treatment Programs

Upon arrival, the patient has been evaluated and taken care of by specialist. Based upon assessment, there has been a comprehensive drug abuse treatment program assembled which features; treatment approaches and length of stay. The treatment methods utilized by this addiction treatment center are:

Southwest General Health Ctr/Oakview provides Outpatient, Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone, Intensive rehabilitation treatment, Frequent Dentistry therapy and General Hospital(including VA hospital) programs with language services provided that are devoted to ensuring optimum treatment. The centre smoking policy is Smoking and so they tackle menopausal and Male within Children/adolescents and Adults’ age groups.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Southwest General Health Ctr/Oakview’s rehabilitation program enables the patient to keep on living at home but which makes routine visits to the centre based in their own assessment. The patient will begin their outpatient treatment program at Cleveland, OH receiving intensive therapy and the greatest of care.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Therapeutic meetings are so long as teach patients effective life-skills and tools to deal with the everyday challenges which will be displayed in sobriety. These meetings are part of all the special applications This drug and alcohol rehab supplies, and they include:

  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services

Southwest Health and Wellness Ctr/Oakview’s commitment to providing appropriate and effective care to the patients will be supported by the following services:

Purchasing lifelong recovery is equally essential and Cleveland’s Southwest General Health Ctr/Oakview knows that.

Financing for treatment is available with all the following:

In the event you or somebody you love is experiencing an addiction, it is the right time to get life back. We encourage you to reach out for this facility if you have any further questions about their services.

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