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Oklahoma has suffered from a severe addiction epidemic that has affected the city of Tulsa in a profound way. Methamphetamine has been largely replaced by Opioids and Heroin, creating a sharp increase in the number of overdose deaths throughout the state. Finding the right rehab facility is one of the best options those suffering from addiction can do; this is a disease that many battle throughout their lives. The longer that someone struggles with addiction, the more difficult it becomes to treat. Addiction co-occurring with a mental illness requires a heightened level of treatment.

Types of Rehabilitation in Tulsa

The two most popular types of rehab programs are inpatient and outpatient facilities. An inpatient facility is a better fit for those who suffer from prolonged and active addiction. Most people who undergo a family led intervention will need to enter one of these facilities directly afterward. Residential treatment has also been proven better for those suffering from addiction with a co-occurring mental illness. Outpatient programs can be an excellent alternative for those who don’t suffer from a difficult detox process, and who can abstain from drugs and Alcohol without supervision. Both programs offer a variety of different therapies geared toward reaching recovery.

Finding Successful Treatment

A licensed rehab facility provides the best possible chance of reaching recovery; where one is able to abstain from drugs and Alcohol without the need for constant support. It’s still very important that they develop an aftercare plan that provides them with intermittent support through community programs and ongoing counseling. Addiction is a disease that impacts the entire community, and the entire community needs to take steps towards healing. This often involves ongoing education and open dialogue between those suffering from addiction and the places where they live. Helping friends and family to recover is just as important as the initial treatment.
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