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The rate of accidental overdoses in areas like Providence, Rhode Island have been steadily falling in 2018. This is primarily due to new prescribing regulations and an increase in community awareness regarding addiction and substance abuse. No one should be struggling with addiction without the possibility of getting help. Family led interventions combined with more treatment options has made it possible for those suffering from active addiction to finally get the help they need. It’s very important to seek the aid of a treatment facility, particularly if you suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms associated with detox.

Viable Treatment Options

For those struggling with an addiction to things like heroin or other opioids, an inpatient facility might provide the best treatment; this is especially true when addiction is coupled with a co-occurring mental illness. These facilities can provide residential treatment for those who need to learn how to live without relying on drugs and alcohol. After this program has been completed, the patient may consider an outpatient program for ongoing treatment. These provide many of the same services but do so on a more relaxed schedule. It’s also imperative that the addicted individual set up some sort of community support system.

Recovery in Rhode Island

With the right combination of support and treatment, recovery is a possibility. The first and most important step is asking for help. When someone finally realizes that their use of drugs and alcohol is having a negative impact on their lives, they can finally begin to move forward. It’s very important to consider all of the available treatment options when figuring out how to deal with addiction. No two people are alike, and the road to recovery will be a very personal journey. Fortunately, Providence, Rhode Island, has come a long way in their ability to treat the nationwide addiction epidemic.

Facilities in Providence, RI

Roger Williams Medical Center
Providence VAMC
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
MAP Behavioral Health Services Inc
Journey to Hope Health and Healing
Childrens Friend and Service
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