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Texas has experienced an increase in addiction that’s mirrored the problems seen in the rest of the country. Austin, TX, has been a hub of drug trafficking and use, largely due to its population and the availability of prescription drugs and Opioids. Austin was originally known for its widely available supply of Cocaine, but over the last 20 years, the climate has drastically shifted towards Heroin and other Opiates. This has also led to a shift in the types of rehabilitation facilities needed. Many people in active addiction don’t know where to begin when they decide that they need treatment.67

Austin Addiction Treatment Centers

Inpatient rehab facilities are usually the best option for someone who needs to detox from Opiates or prolonged drug use of any kind. These are the people that often experience extreme withdrawal symptoms, or who need the help of the family led intervention to motivate them towards treatment. Inpatient, or residential services, allow people to stay in a controlled environment where they can be supervised by trained medical personnel. Outpatient options are available for those who can control their abuse of drugs and alcohol without constant supervision. These programs also provide more freedom and allow people to continue attending work and caring for their family.

Finding Recovery

The goal of all treatment is to reach recovery. This is a purposeful period of sobriety in which the addicted individual can abstain from the use of chemicals of any kind. For many people suffering from addiction, ongoing therapy and aftercare programs are integral to their success. Addiction is a disease that impacts every person differently and requires a very specialized approach. Recovery is a real possibility with the help of an excellent rehab program and a supportive external environment.
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