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California is no stranger to addiction, but San Francisco, Ca, has been widely recognized as the number one drug capital of the state. This particular city reports that 14 percent of its citizens used recreational drugs at one point or another over the last four years. This is much higher than the national average and really strikes a chord with the addiction community. Many people realize the absolute need for rehabilitation facilities in San Francisco. People need to feel comfortable contacting a rehab for treatment, and they need to know who to reach out to.

San Francisco Treatment Methods

Inpatient treatment programs focus on residential services for those suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders. Many of the patients in inpatient facilities also require extended supervision due to severe withdrawal symptoms. These programs can offer a number of different therapies and are geared toward changing the way that people approach their daily routines in an effort to avoid drugs and alcohol. Outpatient programs can provide many of the same therapies with the bonus of allowing patients to go home at the end of treatment. These are often preferential for those who need to continue attending work or school while receiving active treatment.

Choosing Life; Rehab Centers

Interventions provide families with an important therapeutic tool for reaching out to their loved one suffering from addiction. Many of these are prompted after an overdose or an increase in overdose deaths in the community. Loved ones of addicted individuals have a unique perspective and are able to see what the use of drugs and alcohol are doing from the outside in. They often require extensive therapy as well in order to overcome the effects that addiction has had on them. This is a disease that affects everyone in the community, and it needs to be approached on a much larger scale.

Facilities in San Francisco, CA

Jelani Inc
Bayview Hunters Point Foundation
South of Market Mental Health Clinic
Fort Help LLC
Jo Ruffin Place
Horizons Unlimited of
Harbor House

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