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Santa Barbara, CA, has worked very hard to combat the growing opioid epidemic in their community. They’ve come up with a series of plans and strategies to better equip rehab facilities for everything from detox to addiction with co-occurring disorders. These types of resources are consistently being made more accessible to people from a variety of different demographics.

California has struggled with the issue of addiction for many years; the national opioid epidemic has made things considerably worse. People now need a level of care that simply wasn’t available before. With more overdose deaths and a higher risk of fatality, it’s very important that people understand how and who to ask for help.

Treatment in Santa Barbara

Families and friends of the addicted individual may find it helpful to stage an intervention in an effort to help them better understand the consequences of their drug and alcohol abuse. This often leads to a stay at an inpatient treatment facility. This type of program is residential and provides a more intense level of therapy then less restrictive outpatient programs.

Outpatient facilities are based on many of the same treatment models but allow the addict the freedom to return home at the end of each day. It’s recommended to attend an outpatient program after completing a residential one.

Recognizing there is a Problem

The most important step for any addicted person is to recognize the negative impact drugs and alcohol have had on their life. Reaching out to a rehab facility provides them with the best possible opportunity of succeeding in their recovery.

After a treatment program has been completed, an individual may require aftercare services to maintain their sobriety. These often include things like ongoing counseling and a variety of different community programs.

Each and every person suffering from addiction does so in a very different way. This means that they require a different approach in order to be successful and to live a life free of this disease.

Santa Barbara, California Rehab Centers


Sober Living Outpatient Rehab...


Facing life’s challenges when new in addiction recovery can be daunting when your housing environment is not purposefully supportive of your goals. Whether you are recovering from an alcohol and/or drug addiction, depression, anxiety, codependency, etc., Recovery Santa Barbara and their team are available to support you through this period of fragile transition at our sober living residence. Recovery Santa Barbara prides itself on being a strengths-based, individualized one-to-one sober living housing service that allows you to recover from addiction in ways you never have before.

We support any addiction recovery path one would like to take including 12-step community supports, psychoeducation services and guidance, a spiritual-based path, and more. While relapse prevention is a key component in sober living, we specialize in providing a one-to-one, deeply compassionate understanding that allows you to develop into the person you truly want to be, in all areas of your life.

We offer unprecedented services not found anywhere else in Santa Barbara’s other sober living providers. Not only do we address well-known aspects of recovery such as mental health and community-based supports, we also offer memberships to gyms to increase one’s physical health, a guided spiritual practice to find one’s inner strength, nutritional and life skills education, employment and educational support, and more.

Recovery Santa Barbara: All-Inclusive Sober Living is affiliated with a local outpatient program called Good Heart Recovery which provides mental health, addiction group therapy, individual counseling, and much more to help ease this fragile transitional living period. Clients are assessed and if deems clinically necessary, clients will be required to attend these services.


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Good Heart Recovery: Addiction Treatment is an outpatient rehab providing care with a unique perspective towards addiction recovery from the use of drugs and alcohol by supplying clinically appropriate and affordable addiction and mental health treatment services in Santa Barbara, California. Our outpatient rehab program is fused with the teachings of Eastern philosophy and spirituality. We utilize our understanding that every individual has a good heart that can be recovered and surfaced as the guiding force to autonomy, a united support system, and essential happiness.

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