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With a growing population of over a million people, San Antonio, TX, is quickly becoming one of the capitals for addiction and drug use in the state. Fortunately, the surrounding communities and addiction professionals have taken notice of the problem and have risen to the occasion. This has prompted several new rehab facilities geared towards the problems facing the Texas population. The key to successfully fighting addiction is seeking help as quickly as possible. But not every addicted individual understands that they don’t need to be alone in their fight.

San Antonio Treatment Facilities

Most rehab facilities fall into the inpatient or outpatient categories. An inpatient program is reserved for people who require residential treatment. This often follows an intervention or its prompted by severe withdrawal symptoms during detox. The person suffering from addiction realizes that they can’t stop using unless they have around-the-clock supervision and intense therapy. Outpatient facilities are more focused on patients who are able to control their abuse of drugs and Alcohol while retaining some of their freedom. These facilities are specifically scheduled in a way that allows the addict to go home at the end of each day

Recovery in Texas

For those suffering from an addiction with a co-occurring mental disorder, recovery can take a longer time to reach. The important thing to remember is that a better life is attainable for every person who seeks help. As long as an addict is willing to work the treatment program and seek aftercare, they have an excellent chance of succeeding. Some people who suffer from addiction require lifelong treatment, and this can be found in the form of community programs and extended therapy. It’s important to remember to include family in the process and to make an effort to repair damaged relationships.

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