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10 Common Signs of a Dangerous Xanax Addiction

xanax addiction

Although prescription drugs can solve a variety of problems, certain ones are highly addictive. One of the most popular prescription drugs that people take to feel mellow and relaxed is Xanax.

A Xanax addiction is difficult to overcome. If someone you loved is showing the signs below and they take Xanax, it’s important to get them the help they need so they can get better.

Learn more about Xanax abuse, and what you some of the symptoms are. If someone you love is addicted, you’ll have a chance to get them the help they need.

1. Speech Becomes Slurred

Slurred speech is one of the Xanax side effects. Anyone who normally gets prescribed this medication and takes it may deal with this, although it’s not as common as other side effects.

If your loved one is taking more Xanax than they normally should, this increases their addiction and makes the side effects noticeable. Talk to your loved one and help them get assistance if you notice this problem going on.

2. Going Doctor Shopping for a Xanax Addiction

Going doctor shopping happens when a person cannot get any more pills than normal from their current doctor. So, they go to another doctor, explain their issue and condition, and hope to get a second prescription.

Although many doctors are taking steps to ensure this doesn’t happen in an effort to stop the opioid epidemic, it’s still an issue. This is a serious sign someone is addicted to Xanax, and you need to talk with your loved one if you believe they’re trying to get additional pills this way.

3. Seeing Becomes Difficult

Taking Xanax means your vision can become blurred and it’s difficult to see, even if things are right in front of you. You might notice your loved one bumping into things or misjudging where something is when they never used to have a problem.

If an eye doctor rules out other possible conditions, the chances of Xanax abuse by someone who gets prescribed the pills is high. Learn if there is another less addictive drug that can help your loved one lead a normal life, without the addictive qualities that Xanax has.

If your friend or family member was buying Xanax illegally, help them get clean, and enjoy a life free of drugs.

4. Poor Coordination

Poor coordination means that your friend or family member not only has trouble seeing and bumping into things, but they can’t follow basic commands with their body. For example, they raise they right leg instead of their left leg when asked, or cannot walk in a straight line.

If you believe Xanax is the reason why they cannot function normally, it’s time to seek help. Not walking properly can have devastating effects on a person’s ability to live their life, even if it’s just getting out of bed or going down the stairs.

5. Sleeping More Than Normal

If your loved one suffers from or experience problems with depression, it’s reasonable to assume they’d sleep more than normal. If you know they’re on a treatment plan that involves Xanax, try to judge how often they’re sleeping.

While a normally prescribed amount of this medication won’t make people sleep all day long, it can when your loved one takes it more than they should. Get help if you discover they’re sleeping all day long, or spending the better part of their lives in bed.

6. Using or Buying Other Xanax Pills

This isn’t necessarily the same as doctor shopping and has dangerous side effects. Individuals who cannot get more pills from their current doctor or choose not to go doctor shopping, but still want to get a fix, look for other ways to handle their Xanax addiction.

Some choose to go through the medicine cabinets of family and friends who also take the medication when they need more than what their current dose provides. Others who are deeply addicted to Xanax and looking for more than a couple of pills might go out on the street and purchase from a dealer.

These choices can have dangerous side effects since the individual is more likely to overdose. Going out and meeting drug dealers can result in getting hurt if the individual tries to steal pills or runs into the wrong person.

If you believe your loved one has an outside source for getting pills, seeking help now is the best thing you can do, before the problem gets out of hand.

7. Using and Getting Xanax Becomes That Person’s Life

A person who taxes Xanax as prescribed can still live a normal life, provided they aren’t addicted. For those struggling with addiction, their life becomes about getting their next fix.

When life is all about using, the addicted party becomes at high risk for overdose. It’s important to seek help right away before they go into a coma or suffer a painful death from overdosing.

8. Nausea and Vomiting Are Common

Noticing that your friend or family member is sick more often than normal is a sign you shouldn’t ignore. If the individual is not sick or pregnant, nausea and vomiting in someone who is addicted to Xanax can point to a serious problem.

Make note of how often you notice them getting sick. If it’s occurring on a daily or weekly basis, talk to them, a doctor, or a family member so they can get help.

Although the drug can have this side effect, it shouldn’t take over a person’s life.

9. Seizures Occur Out of Nowhere

Seizures should never get ignored, no matter what kind of problem a person has. Seizures can range from minor to grand mal.

If your loved one is driving or doing other things when these occur, this could result in their death. If they’ve never had a history of seizures but started doing so after being prescribed Xanax, check to see if this is because of a possible addiction, and what you can do to help.

10. Memory Problems They Never Had Before

Memory problems can occur in a variety of conditions, including stress, depression, or when a person changes medication. Xanax abuse can speed up memory loss, or make a current condition worse.

The longer the addiction continues, the worse memory loss becomes. If you discover your loved one isn’t remembering basic information, get help for them before the matter becomes worse.

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Xanax addiction can overcome a person’s life and make it difficult for them to function normally. It’s important to seek help right away if you suspect your loved one is abusing the drug.

You don’t have to find help on your own. Contact us today, and see how we can assist you in finding a rehab center for your loved one to recover in right away.

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