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Addiction is considered a disease, but the good news is that modern medicine has effective cures and treatments. You can use our free and confidential online tools to find and compare addiction treatment centers in your local area. Everybody has their own unique needs, and it is important for you to compare inpatient and outpatient facilities with different focuses, price ranges, and techniques.

Recent Addiction Treatment Center Reviews

  • M reviewed 2 weeks ago
  • last edited 2 weeks ago

This place makes it too easy for drug addicts. They need to live on their own and see if they can make it in the real world! These poor children suffer at the hands of the addicts!

Great Experience
  • S reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

SA gave me the tools to work with to help me with my disease as well as hope. It is very well organized and counseling is very good.

Not for everyone
  • S reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Wife was sent there to deal with depression and to detox off Suboxone. St. Joes looked perfect. A place that would treat her addiction and mental health issues. Facility did not have everything they promise on their website. Pool and hotub were broken and did not offer Celebrate Recovery as an alternative to AA/NA. She had a issue with the nursing staff the first day and reported it. She was then retaliated against and singled out. Very unprofessional. After 5 days I was told she needed to be sent to the local hospital for a mental health evaluation and could be admitted. I drove the 5 hours to get her that night and picked her up from the hospital who said that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her that would merit being admitted to a psych ward. Where we went back to St. Joes to get her property, we had to wait an hour outside the gate for them to bring it to us even though they knew we were coming to get it. All in all I am very disappointed in this place. We had such high hopes and got suckered in by a fancy web site. It seems that when they have a difficult or treatment resistant patient, they run them out rather than putting in the work to really help them. Not every person who goes to a rehab will buy into the program right away. If everyone could change that easily, they would not be addicts in the first place. St, Joes might be the place for you or your loved one, but they failed us.

  • DR reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Serenity Acres saved me when I didn’t know if I could be saved. I feel like a different person. Now I have a positive attitude, highly motivated, happy, grateful and healthy! It has never felt so good to be alive!

  • K reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Absolutely horrible staff. My doctor has diagnosed me with acute stress reaction and thought I may benefit from an evaluation so her office called to let them know I was coming in. I got there, filled out paperwork and was told I’d be seen soon. I waited for 2 hours and every time I asked for a rough estimate of how much longer it would be I was given a very rude response. Then they finally tell me they don’t understand why I am even there and since I wasn’t talking about self harm they wouldn’t evaluate me even though my doctor wanted the evaluation. The girl was very rude and just shrugged her shoulder when I asked them why they let me waste 2 hours. It felt like the staff had no clue what they were doing or what was going on. Horrible staff and horrible experience. They should be ashamed of themselves, I have been through a very traumatic experience and was just looking for help.

Thanks New Beginnings!!
  • SM reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

I have been part of New Beginnings of Tampa for 6 years now. When I first came to NBT I was in need of some serious help. I found that help at New Beginnings.

I am now a staff member and love returning that same love to others that I first received when I arrived.

This program works is you want it to. This program will give you all the tools you need…. it up to the client is he will use them.

Thank you very much to both Dr. Atchison and all of the New Beginnings Family!

Quality Treatment
  • T reviewed 2 months ago
  • last edited 2 months ago

Overall Serenity Acres gave me a new outlook on life and has inspired me in many ways to be the best person I can, the best parent I can, and it’s all about progress not perfection.

Best treatment we found at Habilitat
  • J reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

Habilitat isn’t your run of the mill treatment center. Its a highly structured long term program. After trying many other short term programs my son finally got clean here and has been working and doing well on his own for several years now. I am very grateful to the people at Habilitat for working so hard to help him. Now if we could just get his brother to go get help. I have visited the facility and never experienced anything but good manners and friendly staff. In our case nothing else worked. Habilitat gave me my son back.

New Life
  • S reviewed 3 months ago
  • last edited 3 months ago

After coming to Serenity Acres, I feel like a new person. I came here broken, mad, and sad, and am leaving with a new outlook on life and excitement to start my new future. I appreciated the personalized medical care from the medical staff and their attention to detail. My individual therapy got me to really open up about my past/mistakes/regret and get to the root of my drug use/abuse. I’m no longer ashamed to admit that I’m an addict.

Incredible Staff
  • JP reviewed 4 months ago
  • last edited 4 months ago

All of the staff seemed to genuinely care about the clients and helped with our recovery by sharing their personal experiences. I found the discharge services very helpful, as well as the daily individual counseling sessions. I sometimes felt that there were too many groups, as it’s hard for me to sit still for long periods of time.

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